Simple Obedience

Arianne E. | Personal Testimony | CTA Florida Campus Tour Mission Trip 2018

Arianne Ens.jpeg

I wouldn’t call myself an evangelist… in fact, for a while I tried as hard as possible to avoid evangelizing. That’s why it seemed VERY strange when the only mission trip I felt the Lord highlighting to me to go on was one with Compassion to Action. I laughed a bit, and then felt my stomach drop as I realized He was asking me to choose obedience over comfort. 

Little did I know that my trip to Florida with CTA team would impact me so deeply. Going out with a team of evangelists was incredibly scary at first... but also amazing! I was able to learn so much from those who had experience evangelizing and that were passionate about Jesus and making Him known wherever they went. I leaned on their boldness and courage for a while, until I started to be bold and courageous myself. Stepping out and taking risks felt safe with my team, because they were willing to support and encourage me.

One of the highlights of my trip was that I was a part of leading someone to Christ for the first time in my life! We were in Miami and I was with two students from a ministry school there. I had struggled the whole trip with wanting God to highlight people to me but not feeling anything specific for anyone. Almost out of frustration I started stopping anyone who walked by, and because I stopped one seemingly random man on the street to tell him Jesus loves Him, the man encountered Jesus! I got to pray for pain in his forearm that went from a pain level of 7/10 down to 0, he gave his life to the Lord, and then I got to prophesy over him! The crazy thing is that the man said he rarely walks down where we were. He said he used to live there and had decided on a bit of a whim to take a walk down memory lane. The chances of him being there that night and me stopping him were so slim… Jesus orchestrated that encounter so beautifully! He showed me that I don’t need to feel a specific call to go to any person. As my leader told me during the trip, regardless of whether someone is “highlighted” to me, they are going to encounter Jesus when I talk to them because He lives in me! And, I might add, He’s ready and excited to get out and radically touch His people.  

Going on this trip helped me grow in being bold and confident of what I carry. I found out that the same gifting I use in the church (like healing and prophecy) could be used to lead people to the Lord anywhere I go. Even though I’m still not 100% comfortable evangelizing, I’ve seen with my own eyes that simple obedience changes history. And that is something I want to be a part of.