“Didn’t you come in a wheelchair?”

Misty from Sherwood, OR

I’ve had lots of surgeries, about 20, for lots of different things. I was in an abusive relationship for a long time. I was expecting four more surgeries coming up: a complete knee replacement in my right knee, surgery on the left knee for a torn ACL and meniscus, and right and left ankles for tendons on both sides. I had extreme lower back pain to the point that I’d had three surgeries on it already. I could not walk more than ten or fifteen feet without a walker. For anything more than 20 feet, I needed my wheelchair. This has been really bad for six years. 

Yesterday I arrived in a wheelchair. I received prayer last night. I was not 100% so I came back for more. The only thing that I need more for is my right knee. Last night when I was healed, I was able to stand up on my tippy toes. I was able to rotate both my ankles in both directions. Anything more than slight movement like that would make me scream before. My left knee would go out to the left and my right knee would go literally backwards. I have had seven surgeries on that knee, and that’s when they wanted to replace it. I was waiting for enough money to build a ramp at my modular home. On a bad day, I would have to drag myself in.

Last night I was able to jump and straighten my right leg, which I had not been able to straighten in six years. My lower back hurt so bad. I had had three surgeries on it. It hurt so bad, it was literally crippling. I would walk in a shuffle. I took my braces off last night. I had huge metal braces that went from my shin to my thigh and on both ankles to keep me from falling over. I was either in a walker or wheelchair to move around for six years. People praying for me told my 12-year-old son to pray for me, too. When I ran, the people and the music seemed to go away. I had a feeling of love and peace that I had not felt in so long. 

They guy that was praying for me kept asking how it felt and because it still hurt, he kept praying and believing. He told me to start walking and jumping, and as I did that, he said, I would be healed. I did something I had not done in a minimum of six years: I ran. I ran all around the back of the building to the exit sign. I came back and people were asking me, “Didn’t you come in a wheelchair?” All I could think was, “I want to grab my kids and run with them!” We went behind the bleachers, and I raced my children. My 12-year-old said, “I don’t remember you ever running with me.” 

I know I am healed. When I woke up, I knew I was healed in the name of Jesus. I am waiting to be able to kneel on both knees. I want to kneel before my heavenly Father so badly. I am here for completion. I know that.

I feel so much peace. I told the kids not to tell my husband. I wanted to surprise him. He asked what happened. He said, “You’re moving differently.” He noticed there was something different about me. “What happened last night?” I said I wanted to show him. My husband saw me run by the house, and he was in shock. At first it did not register with him what was happening. My son said, “Dad, Mom is healed! I ran with her last night.”