God’s Thoughts for the Lost

Faith A. | CTA Oregon/Washington Mission Trip 2018


We took a Polaroid Camera out with us and used it to prophesy over people we met.  When we would take their picture we encouraged them with how beautiful they are.  Their faces immediately would light up and they became open to what else we had to share.  We asked them what they saw as beautiful in their photo and then we told them what we saw. One of our teammates began to share God’s thoughts about a girl and her family.  This girl began to cry because it was exactly what she needed to hear.  We told her that it was God’s love for her that brought us to  find her and explained the gospel.  We then asked if she wanted to invite Jesus into her heart and without any hesitation she said yes!  She described feeling peaceful and was so touched that we would have stopped for her and loved on her.