A Dream Within A Dream

Gloria M. | CTA Ivy League Mission Trip 2018

Gloria Ming.jpg

That day I had woke from a dream of a girl who was grieving over having lost her brother.  At the University of Pennsylvania later I came across a girl named Rachelle. I shared how precious she is to God and how God loves her deeply and has great plan for her life.  While talking, I had a sudden impression and shared that God loves her blog, a place where she explains about biology.  She was shocked. She said that she always had a desire to start a blog. As tears began to roll down from her eyes I recalled the dream I had in the morning asked if she had lost her brother.  I asked if she was grieving him and she said yes.  Jesus knew exactly what she was going through.  As I shared the good news to her, she opened up heart and received Jesus as her Savior.