“Has anyone told you that Jesus loves you?”

Hannah T. | CTA Ivy League Mission Trip 2018

Hannah .jpeg

We were walking by a group of people waiting for the bus and asked very loudly, “does anybody have any pain in their bodies or sickness or anything like that?”. A lady, disinterested, shrugged, “yeah, I do.” 

She then explained how she had pain and what I think was scoliosis. I didn’t fully understand what she said but you could feel that life had been hard on her.  So we shared that Jesus can heal her right now, and that we would love to pray for her.  She let us pray and said after that she felt better.  She relaxed a little and began to open up a bit more.  We then shared that this Jesus wanted a relationship with her.  That he was pursuing her!  We gave a word of knowledge; detailing a specific dream she’d had, along with night terrors, and declared that Jesus could set her free!  We shared the gospel and prayed with her after asking if she wanted it. And she became born-again!  Haha!  The woman’s whole presence changed!  It felt as though a deliverance had taken place in that moment because her whole countenance changed.  She couldn’t stop smiling!