"I Am With You Always"

Justus M. | Feldmark Wesel, Germany | 19


One evening, after a long day, I was in my room taking time to be with God. After a couple minutes, I felt like I heard Him say, “Go to your next door neighbor’s house and share the gospel with them, and I will show you that I am with you always.” Seriously? I was totally afraid. These weren’t the neighbors that came over to share some extra cookies that they just happened to have; no these were the neighbors who were constantly yelling at each other, maybe throwing random stuff in the house in the late hours of the night. But I knew in my heart I just had to go! So I grabbed some German chocolate on my way out as a mini gift that I could offer them just in case this didn’t go well, and I walked out the door. I knocked on their door, but no one came to the door. “Is anyone home?” I called out and knocked one more time. A man came to the door, and I explained that I was his next-door neighbor. “Hey man, I was at home and then God spoke to me, and I felt like I needed to come over and share the good news of Jesus with you.” My neighbor began to tell me about how he knew Jesus but lately wasn’t able to go to church because he got hurt at work. He told me about how he continued to have pain in his neck, back, and knee. So I asked him if I could pray for him to be healed, and he let me. I prayed a very simple prayer for healing and for God to show His love to this man. When I was done, I asked him to check those spot out, and his face was totally surprised. He had been completely healed! He actually moved every spot that had been injured and was slightly freaked out, because he totally didn’t expect anything to happen. He began to open up to me about his life and told me about some of the health issues his wife also suffered from. I told him that I would love to pray for her, too; so he called her and I prayed for her over the phone! After the phone call it was so cool to see my neighbor feel so loved by getting healed and to see the sweet trust that was released from the healing. He was able to have deeper understating of how much God really cared about him and his wife. His heart was so touched by God’s love and since that day I’ve developed a special relationship him and his wife. I am no longer afraid to talk to them and now they know that God loves them so much to the point that He’ll even visit them at their doorstep.