Jesus Was In The Room

Randy Paul | 20 | British Columbia, Canada

Rock concert

A couple weeks back, I was at a concert, and as I was sitting there, my attention moved to a couple that was in front of me, and I felt like I had a word of knowledge. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it really was a word of knowledge because it just felt like such a faint impression. But I felt a little nudge inside that said maybe it was from God. So I just decided to go for it, and I tapped the lady in front of me and asked if she had any pain in her right knee. She said, “No, but my husband does,” and she turned to him and tapped him to get his attention. As he turned his head to look at me,  I said, “So you have right knee pain, huh?” He said that he did. I said, “Oh all right man, well I believe that Jesus wants to heal. Can I pray for you?” He said sure, so I prayed for him. It was a super simple prayer. I was pretty nervous, so I didn’t even ask the guy his name. I just prayed that Jesus would come and heal his knee. When I finished, he looked at me and thanked me probably waiting for me to sit back in my seat, but I immediately said, “Test it out.” He looked at me confused for a sec, and so I explained to him that he should try to do something with his knee that he might not have been able to do before. I told him that I wanted to see if he could feel a difference in his knee. So he began to wiggle it and move it around, and then his face totally changed. He looked confused. He looks at his wife and then back at his knee and then back at his wife again, stunned. He looked up at me and said, “Oh. It actually feels really good” and started to smile a bit. “That’s awesome man. Jesus just healed you!” I smiled and watched as this guy continued to be amazed. I was amazed at the fact that I was given the simplest of nudges and this man got healed because Jesus was in the room. The guy shook my hand at the end, and I went back to my chair; it didn’t occur to me to maybe preach the gospel to them or anything. I was just so stunned and excited for how God chose to show His love for them that day.