Tears on Tears

Becky H. | Simi Valley, CA | 26

Riverside Mall

One day I was walking with a friend in a shopping mall in Riverside, CA. We saw a guy sitting alone by his bike. The song ‘Chariots of Fire’ came on in the shopping mall, in case you don’t know anything about that song; it is the theme to a movie about a young man who doesn’t let anything come between him and his faith in God. That song stirred my heart, and I knew that we were supposed to ask him if he wanted prayer. I was nervous because I didn't have a prophetic word or even a word of knowledge all I knew was that I couldn't pass without talking to him. As we approached him I noticed that he had a teardrop tattooed under the corner of his eye, which in gang culture means he has committed murder. We walked to him and began a conversation. He started to open up and told us about how he was currently in a rough place and so I asked him if I could pray for whatever was happening in his life. He said yes but didn't mention anything that he wanted us to pray about specifically. As I began to pray I immediately felt the Father’s love pour out over this man. He began to cry, and I watched as tears rolled down his face and I watched as these tears fully engulfed his teardrop tattoo. He was a prodigal son coming home, and he was experiencing pure love. God want him to know the unconditional love that was available to him, no matter his past. When we finished praying, he didn't say much but we could see the impact that this moment had on him. He asked us where he could go to church and we stayed with him a little longer to direct him on the right path to get to know God deeper. It was amazing to see someone who had obviously had a rough and tough past, and see him nearly melt in a puddle at a single touch of pure love.