On October 4th and 5th, join us for an open-air Gospel celebration that unites churches and reaches those in need of salvation, healing, and deliverance.


About this Event

Let's lay down our egos and our logos to rally around the cross of Jesus Christ.

America Shall Be Saved!

We believe that there will be an impartation for the spreading of the Gospel in America. We have a vision of unifying the body of Christ as we rally around the cross. Together, we will reach millions for Jesus!

Speakers- Chris Overstreet & Tom Crandall

Music- Jake Hamilton & the Compassion To Action Band

Why we’re doing this event:

“Last year as I drove through the small town of Myrtle Creek on my way to a pre-event for Portland 2018, I felt the presence of God powerfully in this small community. As we got gas at a small gas station, I had a thought, “What if God moves in this town?” I felt more and more convicted of this as I thought about it, and my colleague felt the same way. After getting gas, we drove to Millsite Park and began to dream about having a gospel campaign there. I felt the Lord speak to my heart that there would be a mighty move of God sweep through Myrtle Creek and that many souls would be saved. It felt the same as when we were preparing for Portland 2018. We could feel the prayers and intercession of the people of Myrtle Creek, and we knew that this community was ripe for a move of God. Myrtle Creek 2019 is an event initiated by the Holy Spirit to draw people to Jesus Christ. It is Jesus’ compassion for humanity that has led us into action to rescue souls from death and to search out the case that we do not know. We have been led to Myrtle Creek to be a blessing to this area and to the pastors and the leaders that serve so faithfully. Our desire is to see churches come together and rally around the cross of Jesus Christ. Together we will reach souls for eternity. And by doing so we will carry out our mission to make disciples who make disciples through the preaching of Jesus Christ. Only He has the power to save, heal, and deliver.” -Chris Overstreet

Become a Disciple-Maker!

One of the most important aspects of Myrtle Creek 2019 will still be going on long after this event is over... DISCIPLESHIP. Jesus commanded us in the Great Commission, not to make converts but to make disciples. We are believing the Lord for a great harvest of souls over the course of this gospel campaign, and every new believer will be in desperate need of investment and discipleship. Will you volunteer to become a Disciple-Maker and help carry out the Great Commission?

Disciple-Makers will meet with new believers once a week in their homes. They will gather people around the four W’s:

    • Welcome- Use fellowship and food to create a loving environment for people to feel welcome. 

    • Worship- Gather people to worship Jesus in the unity of the Holy Spirit. 

    • Word- Study the Word of God together.

    • Works- Carry out the works of Jesus Christ by praying for each other and empowering new believers to share their faith.

Compassion To Action has over one hundred free discipleship videos that you can utilize to inspire discussion and Bible study. Check our free discipleship content here.

Will you volunteer in the day of power to become a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples? Sign-Up today to become a Disciple-Maker!

Plus, download A Jesus Disciple booklet by Chris Overstreet and the CTA app for free!

Pastor’s Endorsements:

“Early on in our arrival here in Myrtle Creek [some 4 decades ago], we prayer-walked our entire city block by block, prophesied from the top of the mountain at the entrance to our valley, and declared in the very Millsite Park where Compassion To Action will be holding this outreach in October . . . that "Jesus Christ is Lord of Douglas County!" Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayers and bringing Chris Overstreet and team in answer to all the prayers of the Saints.”

-Steve Clarke, South Umpqua Christian Center-Myrtle Creek

”For fourteen and a half years, I have been believing for an escalated move of God in the area of South Douglas County here in Oregon. It is with great expectation that I anticipate Compassion To Action's outreach to our area the first weekend in October 2019!”

-Larry Gatlin, Encounter Church-Canyonville

”I believe Myrtle Creek 2019 will be a life-changing event for many many people…the church serving together for one common goal- “South County Shall Be Saved!" I believe that the great men and women who have labored and prayed for a move of God will be rewarded by seeing many people encounter God's love and power in salvation, healing, and freedom.”

-Randy Rutledge, The River-Winston


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