Meet The Team

Chris Overstreet

Chris & Stefanie Overstreet 

President & Founders of Compassion to Action

Chris and Stefanie are the founders of Compassion To Action.  Chris has served as an evangelist at Bethel Church in Redding, CA for over fourteen years.  He has trained and equipped thousands of students at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and countless others where he has traveled both nationally and internationally.

Chris and Stefanie have a vision to equip the church to live victoriously and to empower believers to become witnesses who make disciples, fulfilling the Great Commission.  Chris has an unusual grace on his life to raise up young evangelists who walk in both purity and power.

Chris is the author of A Practical Guide to Evangelism-Supernaturally and co-author of Adventures With Jesus.  Chris and Stefanie live in Camas, Washington with their beautiful daughter, Brielle Shalom. 


Chris Overstreet 

President & Founder of Compassion to Action

Chris is the founder of Compassion To Action and has served at Bethel church for over 14 years, training and equipping thousands of BSSM students in Power Evangelism. Chris has a vision to help raise up evangelists across America and to rally the body of Christ around the Cross to reach cities all across America for Jesus. Chris is married to his wife Stefanie and has a daughter named Brielle Shalom. 


Stefanie Overstreet

Stefanie Overstreet is a registered nurse with over 10 years experience in pediatrics and maternity. Since becoming a mom herself, Stefanie has a passion to support and equip other moms to thrive in their health spirit, soul and body while loving and serving their families. She does this by providing Biblical encouragement and practical wisdom. Connect with Stefanie on Instagram @stefanieoverstreet